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News Article

Get 'Lost' In Some New Technology!


We have TV on the internet.  And now we're going to have widgets on TV?  The reports coming in from the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas this week state that a new Intel chip will allow interactive “widgets” to be added to TV programming.  Talk shows came to mind immediately for Disney-ABC TV president Anne Sweeney.  But weirdo “welcome to the island” show Lost is shaping up to be the first scripted show to use this technology. 

While Sweeney remained mum on the details, she did say they were specifically developing this technology for next year’s series finale.  Might I make a few suggestions?  How about, “Did this conclusion shed any light on the last five seasons?”  Or perhaps, “Click here for a better explanation of that damned polar bear.”  All I ask is that these widgets don’t add commercials during the shows.