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Get Ready to Marvel at Joe Lynch's Newest Short Film, 'Truth in Journalism'


When Joe Lynch is involved in a project, you can be pretty damn certain that it's going to entertain.  Lynch first came onto my radar in 2007, when he brilliantly infused Henry Rollins into the Wrong Turn universe and directed Wrong Turn 2, a sequel that far surpassed the original on the entertainment scale.  After watching it, I learned that Lynch had previously directed a handful of music videos, and was in fact one of the creators of the show Uranium, on Fuse TV.  And he of course won me over even further when FEARnet's own Holliston came around, Joe finding himself in front of the camera, and playing a whacked out version of himself.

Point being, Lynch always delivers the entertainment, and has continually surprised and impressed with his ability to be more than just "one of those horror guys."  In fact, he's currently getting set to direct an action film called Everly, starring Salma Hayek, and his long awaited fantasy comedy Knights of Badassdom is finally, after much drama and shelf sitting, going to soon be getting a proper release.  And that was shelf sitting.  Not self shitting.  That's more the kind of thing you'd find in Chillerama, than Badassdom.

I think that about sets the scene for the short film we're urging you to check out today, directed by Joe Lynch and starring True Blood's Ryan Kwanten, who is also one of the titular Knights of Badassdom.  Once again doing something completely different, Lynch evokes the feel of a French 80s documentary with Truth In Journalism, a gritty 17 minute short film that stars Kwanten as a seemingly ordinary journalist, who is being shadowed by a French camera crew.  The crew is out to capture the truth on film, and boy do they ever!

A lot of sites that have been posting the short have for whatever reason been spoiling the twist ending of a surprise at the end of the film, but we're not going to do that.  Half the fun of the short is the incredibly awesome finale, and I encourage you to refrain from reading too much about it, before you dive in.  All I'll say is, the sound of your geekout at the end will likely be heard from here to Bon Temps!

Check out Truth In Journalism below and be sure to hang around after the credits, for a super awesome surprise appearance from a fan favorite horror icon!