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'Godzilla' Is a Go: Gareth Edwards Says 'Hi' from the Set


They’re only on day one, and just finished the first shot, but Gareth Edwards is already looking a little tired as he says hello to fans in this video from the Godzilla set.

Edwards and cast – including Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Olsen, and Ken Watanabe – are shooting on location in Vancouver. The movie is scheduled to be out May 2014. A few images from the shoot have been leaked, and from the smashed up helicopter below, it looks like the monster is going to make short work of the military.

FEARnet’s been following all the Godzilla news as it comes in, get updated here and get a first look at what the director of Monsters has come up with for his reboot of the 1954 classic.



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Godzilla Reboot

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