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News Article

Google Street View Hack Turns Your Neighborhood into Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland


Urban Jungle Street View

Google's Maps application is one of the most incredible services on the internet, allowing you to virtually visit any location in the world, thanks to the power of high-resolution satellite images. So advanced is the technology that you can even see your neighborhood, or any other, from a 'Street View' rather than merely an aerial one, providing you with full panoramic views of the entire world.

Monroeville Mall

As we spotted over on UK's Daily Mail, brilliant Swedish developer Einar Oberg has figured out a way to hack the Google Maps software, and his 'Urban Street View' modification allows you to not just visit any location in the world, but also see what it would look like if the world went to shit. Just like Google Maps, you simply type an address into the search bar and you're magically transported to your desired location, with has been automatically converted to a desolate wasteland - overrun not by zombies, but by overgrown and untamed plant life.

1428 Elm Street

Head over to Urban Jungle Street View to play around with the fun service, and be sure to let us know what you think.

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