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News Article

The Great Kill the Crap Out of Mr. Blaylock Contest

Daniel Knauf, creator of Carnivale on HBO, has joined with Dread Central to promote a contest in support of Knauf's new project, Bxx: Haunted. The new project was "shot over 48 hours using dozens of cameras. Knauf has taken almost 800 hours of raw video and created a non-linear story that is meant to be viewed as one browses the Net: follow what interests you, browse deeper to learn more, back out and go somewhere else if you get bored." They need your help in creating some awesome blood FX. Hit the jump for more.

"We have a single shot in which a man is bludgeoned to death with a monkeywrench," explains Knauf, "It's captured from four angles. We did the digital blood effects inhouse. Though they were passable, they weren't great. So I thought, hey, Bxx is an Internet project, crowd-funded and sourced since inception. So let's crowd-source the fucker!"

All you have to do is create some kick-ass digital blood for a scene in which Mr. Blaylock is bludgeoned with a wrench. Sounds pretty easy to me. Head over to to download the .mov file and read up on the rules, then head over to to sign up for the launch of this new project.