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'Grimm' Moves to Tuesdays


grimmAnother one bites the dust at NBC. The network has canceled dating reality show Ready to Love and "promoted" Grimm to its Tuesday time slot.

Grimm has done well for two seasons in its Friday at 9pm time slot (what will they do with their "Thank Grimm it's Friday" slogan?), which is normally considered the death bed for TV shows (the only thing worse being a Saturday night slot). However, genre shows tend to do well on Friday nights, as The X-Files proved in the 1990s. 

Grimm will move to Tuesdays at 10pm starting on April 30th. Also, you may have noticed that last Friday's episode was a repeat, a last-minute decision the network made due to the capture of the Boston Marathon bombing suspect. The episode that was supposed to air on Friday, "Ring of Fire," should air on Friday April 26th at 9pm.