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News Article

GWAR is Coming... Feel the LUST!

Oh hell yeah... you know how long we've been itching to hear some hot, sticky news from the Antarctic lair of those notorious transdimensional metal overlords... well, the wait is nearly over all of you gore-obsessed, shock-rockin' mayhem-monkeys, 'cuz GWAR is back with a whole new attack! There's updates aplenty, so dive in and drink deep...

GWAR and production unit Slave Pit have finally cut a deal to return to their old label Metal Blade Records, and the unholy offspring to be sired by this new mating will begin what the band promises to be “the most savage GWAR assault upon the human race to date.” The forthcoming record, which marks the band's 25th Anniversary (holy crap, I feel seriously old now), is to be titled Lust in Space, and is scheduled for release this August. The album features delightfully GWARish titles like “Let Us Slay,” “Damnation Under God,” “Release the Flies” and “Metal Metal Land.” The downloadable version of the album will include bonus track “GWARnography.”

In typically humble fashion, vocalist (or “throat thing,” as he calls himself) Oderus Urungus, whose impossibly lewd “Cuttlefish of Cthulhu” has anointed yours truly on more than one occasion, exclaimed "We couldn't be more delighted to be back on Metal Blade. The alliance of metal's most prestigious label and metal's most incredible band shall form an UberKlaw of ten-fold devastation.”

“I am honored and very excited to welcome GWAR back into the Metal Blade Family,” announced label founder Brian Slagel (who was dressed a bit more modestly than Oderus for the press announcement). “We have had a tremendous relationship with them for a long time and we look forward to working with them again.”

The ever-touring gang are still stomping across the continent, but they will embark on an all-new Lust promo tour later this summer, with the support of bands like Priestess and label-mates Cattle Decapitation. Keep checking back for more updates soon!