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Gwar Decapitate Australian Prime Minister Live on Stage


GWAR decapitate

When it comes to music, there's no band that appeals to us horror fans more than Gwar, a rambunctious thrash metal band known for their whacky costumes and over the top on-stage antics. This past weekend, at Melbourne, Australia's annual Soundwave Festival, the band engaged in a particularly brutal and controversial stage show, which saw the faux decapitation of Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

As reported by Tone Deaf, a man dressed as Abbott made his way on stage during the show, telling the members of the band to "go the hell back to Antarctica." In a shocking display, vocalist Oderus Urungus (who also stars in FEARNET's own Holliston!) responded by picking up a massive sword and slicing the Prime Minister's head clean off his shoulders, which resulted in fountains of blood shooting out into an audience of cheering fans.

Thankfully, someone captured the violent theatrical display on video, which you can check out below!

Not surprisingly, a group known as the Australians for Constitutional Monarchy were not happy about the show, calling it "an extraordinary breach of good behavior and standards." The band has even received several death threats as a result of the gory display, which also saw them chopping off the breasts of Britain's Queen Elizabeth.

All press is good press, right?!