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News Article

GWAR's Oderus Rules the Ring... Maybe


In his typically refined and understated fashion, GWAR frontman Oderus Urungus just made a bold proclamation on the band's official blog about the outcome of his recent wrestling match with IWA baddie Tracy Smothers. Beneath the headline “URUNGUS GRABS VICTORY -- CHOKES TRACY SMOTHERS THE F*** OUT,” the almighty keeper of the Cuttlefish of Cthulhu made it pretty damn clear he PWND his mouthy, fan-bashing nemesis in record time. Read more disgusting details after the jump!

"It wasn't too hard,” Oderus declared in the band's July 1st update. “I just grabbed his neck, and choked... His eyeballs popped out of his skull. End of story." Based on the before & after photos of the match, I'd wager his version of the battle might have been embellished a tad... especially the part about Smothers' corpse being “quickly re-animated by the necrotic power of Oderus,” after which the two made nice and vowed to battle again someday, provided there was a substantial paycheck involved. Smothers is also quoted as cryptically saying, "This is huge in Czechoslovakia."

The match is just one of many outrageous publicity stunts carried off by the obscene metal overlord to promote GWAR's August CD release Lust In Space, as well as the band's 25th Anniversary tour. Oderus has also recently garnered a lot of attention (and revulsion) for his repeat appearances on FOX News' late-night show Red Eye, for which the foul-mouthed frontman has been declared the official “Interplanetary Correspondent,” inspiring more fear and loathing than Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly combined.