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News Article

Hammer to Smash Back to the Small Screen

Simon Oakes, chief executive of Hammer, told the BBC that the studio was planning to re-enter the television arena.  Hammer last hit the small screen in the 1980s with anthology shows Hammer House of Horror and Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense.  "I think it's possible to do this anthology series where Hammer House of Horror has a one-hour event story every week,"  Oakes said.

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Nothing is set in stone, however.  "We're taking baby steps in television but we're very, very keen to build a television business."

While you are waiting for the TV project to come to fruition, Hammer has some other tricks up its sleeve.  The company, in the wake of Let Me In's sadly lukewarm box-office reception, is starting a publishing division, commissioning new horror works and adapting some of their film classics to books.  In addition, Hammer is working on theatrical projects.  More details are expected at the end of the month, but Oakes had this to say: "We are creating a Hammer Theatre of Horror.  I believe that the best brands can exist in multimedia... and I think there's no better storytelling platform than the theatre."