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Hang a Crite on Your Wall with the 'Critters' Trophy Head


Critters trophy head

Though there are currently only six items up for grabs in there, artist Stephen Snowdon's Etsy shop Rabid Weasel Studio is nevertheless one of the coolest I've come across, filled out with unique masks and props the likes of which you won't find anywhere else.

Take this Critters trophy head, for example, which puts a horror movie spin on the age old tradition of hunters proudly displaying their kills for all to see.  A morbid tradition, to say the least, but one that I can finally embrace and get behind, thanks to this awesome creation.  With gloss red eyes and realistic fur, the 100% handmade Crite head is mounted on a trophy shield and finished off with a plaque that has the film's release date etched onto it, making it quite possibly the coolest Critters collectible of all time.

The adorably gruesome little trophy head is selling for $67.73, but if Critters isn't your bag, Stephen's also got equally impressive props inspired by some other classic horror flicks, including...

Dead Alive mask

...a Dead Alive mask...

Hellraiser Puzzle Box

...a Hellraiser puzzle box key ring...

Return of the Living Dead Trioxin

...and even a mini replica of Return of the Living Dead's Trioxin barrel.

See everything over in the Rabid Weasel Studio Etsy shop!