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News Article

'Hannibal' Finally Finds a Home on NBC's Schedule


hannibalAfter months (and months) of waiting, NBC has finally found a spot for Hannibal on their schedule.

Bryan Fuller's serial killer drama will premiere on April 4th at 10pm. This has been a notoriously difficult timeslot for NBC, with no fewer than four series struggling in the slot in the last year. Most recently was Do No Harm, NBC's Jekyll and Hyde update that was such an epic failure it was cancelled before the second episode aired. (Fun fact: Do No Harm was the lowest-rated series premiere on broadcast television. Ever.)

I am a little concerned about Hannibal's rapid deployment and use as filler. Fuller's other effort for NBC, October's Mockingbird Lane was relegated to a single one-hour airing. Hannibal (hopefully) has a built-in audience, but NBC has been grasping at straws with their schedule in the last few years (ever since the Leno/Conan debacle.) Will NBC give it the promotional push it deserves? Will they give it a chance if the ratings are less-than-stellar?

I guess we will have to wait until April 4th.