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'Hardware' Limited Edition DVD

This year, give the gift that'll have your fellow genre buffs walking the wibberly-wobberly walk: the long-awaited official DVD release of Richard Stanley's legendary cult classic Hardware. This visually powerful, socially subversive and horribly grim low-budget tale of a lethal military droid playing house in a post-apocalyptic urban wasteland blew the minds of studio execs when released in 1990, but soon won the hearts of horror & sci-fi fans around the world, playing at countless SF/horror conventions while steadfastly dodging a respectful home-video debut.

That grail-like fan quest finally concluded with this 2-disc limited edition from Severin, which not only presents the movie uncut for the first time (it was trimmed heavily to avoid an X rating during its theatrical run), but comes fully loaded with extras including a lengthy cast & crew documentary and feature commentary from the elusive director himself.

$22.99 at Amazon