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Harper's Dead -- We Chat with Latest Victim David Lewis

Harper's Island has claimed another victim: David Lewis, who plays – or played – Richard Allen, the skeevy brother-in-law to bride-to-be Trish Wellington.  Besides obviously marrying the other Wellington daughter, Shea, to get a shot at the Wellington business and fortune, and raising a ridiculously creepy child, Richard was sleeping with his step-mother-in-law (wait, is that right? His wife's father's new wife).  Actually, "sleeping with" is a loose term.  "Chaining up, blindfolding, whipping, and fucking" might be a better descriptor. Read our interview with Lewis after the jump.

Lewis's blood-red slip came in much the same manner as everyone else's.  "Our producer, Karim -- ‘The Assassin' -- called me about a week before we started that episode," Lewis told us.  "But it was weird, because the phone call started out with that whole, ‘Hey, how are you?' stuff.  But by then I knew, and said, ‘Karim, I know why you are calling… just cut to the chase.'  He did soften the blow by telling me it was a really cool death."  And cool it was:  Richard was harpooned clean through the chest and yanked right out of frame.  "I've died on screen a lot, and this was by far the coolest." 

A stunt man was on-hand to walk Lewis through the stunt.  "He advised me to watch out for my… junk, because when the harness pulled me off-screen, it could really mess me up." So to anyone who was on set for that scene, that is why Lewis was grabbing his crotch all day.  The advice worked out well: Lewis was able to do the stunt himself, in three takes, with only minor whiplash, and his junk intact. 

When asked about the killer, Lewis has no idea.  "I was pretty sure that I wasn't the killer once I went ‘dark,'" he says, referring to his scandalous affair.  "And I'm fairly sure it is not Madison, my daughter, even though she is really creepy!"  (Lewis assures us that Cassandra Sawtell, the young actress who plays Madison, is not at all creepy in real life.  She's a totally normal 11-year-old without any of the pretenses that frequently accompany child actors.)  When pressed, Lewis finally hazards a guess.  "Maybe the sheriff? I think it will be someone who was a suspect, but then turned ‘nice' but will become evil again."

Now that he has departed the Island, Lewis is moving on to another genre piece: Stonehenge, an apocalyptic sci-fi movie-of-the-week where aliens have implanted... things in the earth, way before man existed, and things start to "wind up and basically head towards wiping out the human race."  You guessed it: the catalyst is Stonehenge.  "It's all electro-magnetic energy and earthquakes and volcanos… that kind of stuff."  And this time, it's no secret: Lewis is definitely the bad guy.