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Harper's Dead: We Chat with Victims Beth Barrington and Katherine Wellington


Their numbers are dwindling… and so are the number of episodes left in this season of Harper's Island.  Episode nine saw the death of "The Single Girl," Beth Barrington (played by Amber Borycki) and "The Step-Mom/Trophy Wife," Katherine Wellington (played by Claudette Mink).  The two lovely ladies fill us in on their characters' lives and deaths.

Note: After reading the following interview, be sure to check out a live chat with both of these Harper's Island stars.

Were you surprised you lasted as long as you did, or did you think that you would go the distance?

Claudette: I think I was hoping I would go the distance.  Running around in the dark and rain with knives and guns and avoiding killers.  But I was actually quite surprised – I thought I would be gone around episode six or seven.  So I was pleasantly surprised that I lasted until episode nine.

Amber:  I was surprised that I stayed around that long.  I didn't think I would make it that far.  I thought I would be gone in the first few episodes.  Every week when we got the script, I would flip through it, then go, "Yes!  Still here!"  All my friends and family are waiting for me to die, but no – still here!

We only really saw Beth stuffed in the crawlspace.  What exactly happened to her?  Will we see more on the DVD?

Amber: Like any "smart" woman in a horror movie, she went off alone with only her flashlight to search for the missing child.  Initially, Sully and Danny and I were off looking together, but we split up, and I went off into the dark by myself and the rest is history.  We didn't actually film any of the [murder], just the bloody mess at the end. 

I think that really works for the show – not necessarily showing all the killings.  It puts the viewer in the same place as a lot of the characters.  You are having a similar experience, in that you don't really know exactly what happened.  A lot of things are unseen – you are seeing the results, finding dead bodies, hearing things, but you don't actually know what is going on.  It keeps the suspense up, that's for sure.

How did Karim "The Assassin" take you out?

Claudette: I was on set, filming the scenes where we were looking for Madison.  We broke for lunch, and Karim casually strolled up to me with a little smile, put his arm around my shoulder, and said, "So, you wanna have lunch together?"  I just knew.  I took his arm off me and started walking away, shouting, "No, I don't!"  He said, "Yep," and I said, "Really?"  He confirmed it: "Next week."

Amber: He's so bad.  He phoned me.  Mine is a similar story.  I saw his name on my caller ID, and getting a phone call from Karim – you just know.  I answered the phone saying, "Oh no!"  He said, "No, no, don't answer the phone like that!  I feel so bad!"  He hated doing it.  But it's funny the way it went down because you never know.

Who do you think the killer is?

Claudette: I think I was told at the wrap party.  But I had had a couple of drinks so I don't remember.  It wasn't a cast member who told me, it was a crew member and I really don't think he was lying to me.  I think he told me in confidence and I just can't remember.  But I always thought it was Shane, and Nikki the bartender, so I am going to stick with them.

Amber:  I really don't know.  I know who I want it to be.  We were asked at the beginning of the show who we thought the killer would be, and I guessed Chloe because she has that fascination with serial killers, and she's kind of creepy and likes to talk about it a lot.  I think I just want it to be her, because I want to see her go nuts.  But I really don't know who it is.  Even while filming the show, with every new script I would change my mind.

Has the secrecy been tough?

Amber: Yeah, because your friends and family are asking you all the time.  They figure since they are close with you that you're going to spill the beans.  "Just tell me, please, I promise I won't tell anyone."  That's the hard thing because I really wanted to tell people.  But we can't, so yeah, it was hard.

Claudette:  None of my friends are actors, and we don't really talk about my career very much.  So it really hasn't been that difficult for me.  Plus, I'm good at keeping secrets.  And I have such a terrible memory.  I have so many lines in my head from so many scripts over the years – I can memorize 20 pages of script in a half-hour, but you tell me something and I've forgotten it by next week.  My mind is like a steel trap!