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News Article

'Hidden in the Woods' is Found by Artsploitation Films


Chilean horror Hidden in the Woods has found distribution via Artsploitation Films.

The new distribution arm, with a focus on "intriguing, unsettling, provocative, and unpredictable" international films, picked up FrightFest darling Hidden in the Woods for release in 2013. The film has been described as "The bastard child of a Ruggero Deodato/Sam Peckinpah/Gaspar Noé pile-up gestated in the loins of Roberta Findlay" and "a deranged frenzy," it sounds like a ferocious blend of The Woman, The Hills Have Eyes, and Last House on the Left.

From the press release:
"Based on actual events and set in the woods of an Appalachian-like Chile, the tale follows the hellacious life of two young sisters, Ana (Siboney Lo) and Any (Carolina Escobar), who are imprisoned by their sexually abusive father, who years past had killed their mother. Along with their malformed brother Manuel (José Hernandez), they eventually escape but find existence on the run just as perilous. They soon realize it is a kill or be killed world in these woods and they fight back against their attackers the only way they know how."