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Horror Art Highlights from Gallery 1988's 'Crazy 4 Cult 7' Exhibit


Pan's Labyrinth

We've talked several times in the past here on FEARnet about California's Gallery 1988, one of the leading pop-culture art galleries in the world.  The gallery has over the years played host to countless exhibits dedicated to everything from movie villains to the films of Edgar Wright, and their latest exhibit is the seventh in a series of signature events called 'Crazy 4 Cult,' which returns to the Big Apple this weekend.  Crazy 4 Cult 7 kicks off tonight in Manhattan, and runs through December 21st.

Though the artwork from the show hasn't yet been posted on the gallery's website, the folks over on Slash Film have gotten the exclusive on a handful of sneak peeks, and we wanted to show you some of the horror highlights today - which include stunning art pieces inspired by films like The Thing, Aliens, Pan's Labyrinth and Tremors.  Check them out below, and then be sure to head over to Gallery 1988's website tomorrow, where the full gallery will be posted for virtual viewing!




They Live

The Thing