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Horror Director Remy Couture on Trial for Artistic Expression?


Remy Couture on tral for moral corruptionHonestly, this seems like the kind of “moral panic” story that belongs in the early ‘80s, not in 2012. Filmmaker and artist Remy Couture is on trial in Canada for “moral corruption through propagation of obscene material.” If you aren’t familiar with the case, here’s the abridged version: Remy Couture is behind the site InnerDepravity, the contents of which depict a “psychopath killer committing fictitious murders.” Couture is a makeup artist as well as the creator of the videos. The works are hyper-realistic and brutal, but Couture contends, completely fictional.

“I have created all the special effects make up, the special effects and the scenarios. The site contained over 20 photo sessions and two short cuts. The realism of the make-up and the settings might leave people perplex. It was a site which could be construed as the fake intimate visual and brought to life diaries of a fictitious psychopath," Couture said.

"The scenes were produced and directed in an artistic context as is the case for the best-known horror movies known by the large public. What made my site popular is apparently its dark feeling due to the scenes of very explicit nature.”

Interpol feels differently about the content, believing it to be real, and arrested Couture for ''representation of induced sexual content'' – which means "without any artistic value, or content." The scenario is almost laughable, yet today is the final day of Couture’s trial. He is asking horror-fans across the globe to support him in his fight for artistic expression.

“I create horror. I’m not a pornographer,” Couture told the jury. “The goal is not to excite, it’s to disgust.”

Anyone who has gone to court knows lawyer fees are steep and Couture’s cost upwards of $25K. You can support the filmmaker by donating or buying an item on  Find out more about the case in this trailer for the film about Remy, Art/Crime.