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The Horror of Leap Year Part 13 - 'Four Year'

Today's Leap Day – the one holiday that doesn't have a horror movie devoted to it. To correct that situation, we've asked each and every FEARnet employee to submit a pitch for a FEARnet film they would make that's based on, inspired by, or entitled 'Leap Year'. Our next proposal comes from Gavin Hignight. Check it out below.

Four Year

Log line: 

Watch the clock and prey you don't go missing.


Los Angeles (or any other city in North America), modern day


Bill Blakey, a young man in his 20s, goes to sleep on Feb 29th, he awakes the next morning to find things have changed.  He's no longer in his own bed, the apartment looks familiar, but everything in the room is different.  Unfamiliar art is hung on the walls, the furniture is different, even something about the air seems different.

As he finds his way to the bathroom he makes a shocking discovery. Someone, a stranger is in his shower. Just as shocked to see him, the person in his shower freaks out attacking him, he flees, no car keys, no ID, no wallet, no money, he runs out the door.

Confused and frustrated Bill finds himself to his sister's house.  He can't quite put his finger on it but something there seems a little off as well. Bill knocks on the door to be greeted by his sister. An awkward moment as she silently stares at him, then breaks down in tears. Sobbing out of control, so much so, that he can barely get her into the house.

Moments later, now inside, she's calmed down a bit.  Bill pleads with her to tell him what's going on. Why is everything so strange, why her strong reaction. And then she tells him.

"You've been missing for four years."

He's in disbelief.  She goes on to tell him, how four years ago to the date, he went missing. No clues left behind, no signs of foul play, no known reason. They didn't know if he had killed himself, ran away or been murdered.

Bill assures her, that he hasn't gone anywhere, for him it was one night of sleep.  Visibly upset, she tells him more details about the four years that have happened without him (the death of a parent, the state of her marriage and kids growing older, politics, etc).

Beside himself, Bill rises to leave, to find the answers he's looking for somewhere else, answers that make more sense than this. She pleads with him not to leave, that she can't take him disappearing again. Finally he agrees to go with her to the police department. She'll call his best friend and girlfriend to meet them at the precinct.

Once at the police station, the moment is almost comical as the officer behind the desk tries to understand the situation.  "You're telling me you're trying to file a missing person report on yourself?"

After sometime the officer gets the details, Bill's been missing for four years, doesn't know how he ended up back in his old apartment, doesn't seemed to have aged, doesn't have any history of mental illness.  They agree to fingerprint and get DNA samples, they find his old missing person report on the computer, etc… 

As he waits in the reception area of the police station he is greeted by a slightly older version of his girlfriend and best friend… who are now man and wife. It's an awkward moment as they try to convey to him how much time has passed since his disappearance. 

Sitting there, seeing them, how they've changed, how life has eventually gone on without him, Bill just wants to run away, or go back to sleep and find this is all a nightmare, he just needs to wake up and everything will be as he remembered it. But it continues, there's no waking up from this. Somehow he lost four years.

The cops don't trust him, but have nothing to hold him on, so once tests and procedures are performed he is cleared to go home, and he is instructed he'll soon hear from them.

Later in the evening, Bill's now set up to sleep on his sister's couch. They have a brief but meaningful conversation, even though she's puzzled and upset she's also relieved to see him and that somehow they'll figure everything out. She leaves him to go tuck her children into bed, and he lays there, with his blanket, weary about falling asleep.

The house now quiet, all the lights out, Bill is sound asleep, until the crashing noises and bright lights of a SWAT style team disrupt his slumber.  A chaotic and terrifying moment as the house is raided, the children are crying, his sister and her husband held back.  Faceless government agents in full tactical gear subdue him.

He awakes, strapped to a cold bed in some type of medical ward.  Frantic for answers he shouts. Finally, an older doctor/scientist with glasses, lab coat, etc, enters the room. 

He informs Bill that after the police report was filed, it was flagged by a monitoring system in the computer network looking for just such cases. That they believe he is a "Four Year" someone who has somehow been dragged through time with the leap year… and that he's not alone. There have been others.  

He is told by the scientist that the government has great interest in cases such as his, that he may be the closest link to man achieving time travel, and because of that he is not allowed to leave. They will need to perform tests on him for a long time to come. 

As the scientist leaves the cold room, Bill shakes violently in his bed, trying to break free from the restraints. He screams and pleads that he's already lost four years of his life, that they can't take anymore of his time, he needs to get back to living.  The cold metal door of the facility shuts behind the doctor with the click of a lock. Bill is left there alone in the room to contemplate his ill fate.



Bill Blakey- An average everyday kind of guy. But a twist of fate will throw him four years into the future. Into a world where everything and everyone he knows has changed.

Bill's sister- A loving, caring but troubled woman. Having lost her brother to mysterious circumstances years before has taken its toll.

Facility Doctor- A cold, calculated and mysterious man. A pair of glasses with a ghost of a human behind them. This is a man with no bedside manner, a scientist first, a human being second.

Note: Check out the first few pages of Gavin's script here.