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News Article

The Horror of Leap Year Part 21 - 'The Sadie Hawkins Massacre'

Today's Leap Day – the one holiday that doesn't have a horror movie devoted to it. To correct that situation, we've asked each and every FEARnet employee to submit a pitch for a FEARnet film they would make that's based on, inspired by, or entitled 'Leap Year'. Our next proposal comes from Michelle Rue. Check it out below.

The Sadie Hawkins Massacre

Tag line:  This Leap Year Will Rip You Apart!

A group of teenagers are stranded at a winter resort when they are snowed in.  To make the most of it they continue with plans to attend the resorts traditional Leap Year Sadie Hawkins Dance. One by one the teens are found brutally murdered their bodies in pieces...through out the evening.