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The Horror of Leap Year Part 8 - 'The Leap Year Club'

Today's Leap Day – the one holiday that doesn't have a horror movie devoted to it. To correct that situation, we've asked each and every FEARnet employee to submit a pitch for a FEARnet film they would make that's based on, inspired by, or entitled 'Leap Year'. Our next proposal comes from Rick Kent. Check it out below.

The Leap Year Club

Charles Ford is an average guy.  Nothing special about him.  He'll be 28 on his next birthday, but since he was born on February 29th, he jokes that he's turning 7.  Charles is a file clerk in a law firm.  He doesn't make much money and he's pretty much a loner with no family.

One day, he is perusing the personal ads on Craig's List when he comes across this:  Born on Leap Year?  He clicks on it and discovers an ad for The Leap Year Club, a social organization that restricts its membership to people born on February 29th.  Excitedly, he emails them.  They respond with an invite to a mixer, with the admission being a copy of his birth certificate.

Charles gets dressed up in a jacket and tie for the mixer.  He goes to the place, shows his birth certificate and enters.  He is greeted by Barbara, a beautiful brunette who is about his age.  She takes a liking to him and shows him around.  He meets all of the members of the Leap Year Club.  Everyone he meets tells him how lucky he is.

The Leader of the club starts to give a speech.  He is the charismatic Anthony Rothman.  He gathers everyone around him and turns to Charles.  He introduces Charles as the 29th member of the Leap Year Club and everyone starts to cheer and congratulate Charles.  They all start to clap him on the back and get closer and closer.  The next thing he knows, Charles is grabbed by the group and chained to the wall.

Charles is scared.  Anthony approaches him while sharpening a large dagger on a stone.  He explains to him that there is an ancient Mayan prophecy that states the world will end in 2012 when 29 people who were born on February 29th are sacrificed.  Lucky Charles is the 29th person to answer their ad.  Anthony is surprised that it all happened within two months of the new year, but he's happy it did.  Charles stares wide-eyed while Anthony hands the dagger to Barbara.  The whole club is present while Barbara slices Charles open from neck to waist.  The club goes crazy while each member passes Charles and takes a handful of his blood and smears it on their faces.   Charles dies while thunder booms and lightning flashes, heralding the end of the world.

The End.

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