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Horror Music Video of the Week: David Lynch – 'Good Day Today'




It's pretty much a no-brainer that any product from the legendary David Lynch is going to be more than a little bit creepy. Surrealism is his stock in trade, whether it's the groundbreaking experimental feature Eraserhead, sexy meta-horror films like Mulholland Drive, or his unforgettably insane TV series Twin Peaks. But over the last couple of years, Lynch has been spending a lot more time on his musical output – mainly his album Crazy Clown Time and a variety of multimedia projects tied to that record. The album itself is classic Lynch: dark, rumbling and repetitive bass lines, industrial noisescapes, punchy percussion, bluesy guitar leads (from the skillful Dean Hurley) and nightmarish production effects, with Lynch supplying most of the vocals on top, often digitally altered in bizarre and comical ways.
While the recent video from that album's title track was a whacked-out stream of consciousness romp (including drunk topless women, spilled beer, a guy setting his head on fire and lots and lots of screaming), with Lynch squealing nonsense lyrics like a helium huffer, this earlier video for the electro-pop track “Good Day Today” will be more familiar to those of you who enjoyed the dark, abstract horror puzzle of Lost Highway (still my personal Lynch favorite) and Eraserhead's casual gruesomeness. Directed by Arnold de Parscau, this film won a music video competition judged by Lynch himself, beating out nearly 450 other entries. Despite the title, the characters in this little mini-play don't really seem to be having a good day today at all... but then again, this is a David Lynch song, so it just might be interpreted as a happy ending. I think.