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News Article

Horrors and Spiders & Flies, Oh My!


According to UK music magazine NME, members of UK garage-punk outfit The Horrors – namely keyboardist Spider Webb and bassist Tomethy Furse – have formed their own sci-fi themed side project, “Spider and the Flies,” and will be releasing their first mini-album on February 2.

The band’s bio describes their music as: “The result of a freak accident in which two scientist explorers and their clockwork laboratory were sucked into a cataclysmic black hole, only to emerge in a foreign universe as monstrous half-human, half-insect creatures.”

The seven-track release, entitled Something Clockwork This Way Comes, is being performed entirely on analog electronic equipment, and reportedly draws its inspiration from the music of Delia Derbyshire, who is best known for her contribution to the iconic Dr Who theme.

Preview tracks are currently being posted on the band’s MySpace, so be sure to check out that spooky old-school electro groove.