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How to Turn 'Hellraiser' & 'Halloween' Into Video Games That Don't Suck


The Weinstein Company's recent announcement that they're creating a gaming division, appropriately titled TWC Games, has the internet abuzz with possibility.  After all, the Weinsteins hold a massive catalog of licenses, ranging from Hellraiser to Halloween to the newly revitalized Scream franchise, all ripe for potential game treatments.  Just what could potentially spring forth from the loins of this new division?  Let's speculate after the break.

Surprisingly, this would not be the first attempt to adapt Clive Barker's BDSM classic to home consoles.  There was an aborted first person shooter on the NES from the notorious bootleggers at Color Dreams, as well as another attempt for the PC that died on the vine.  For a new title, an MMO would be a perfect fit, with players choosing to be either a Cenobite or a member of the Harrowers (basically the holy opposite of Leviathan's legions) waging unholy war against each other.  For the Cenobites, players' experience would be reflected on their character models: the more horrible and mutilated their flesh became the more powerful they are. 

As much as people would like to forget that there was already a Halloween game (for the Atari 2600, at that), any new attempt would be wise to crib one aspect from that maligned title: that you did not play as Michael Myers.  Instead, players should assume the role of Laurie Strode (or whatever protagonist would fit the bill) in a nail-biting game of cat-and-mouse with The Shape.  In fact, there should be virtually no means of self-defense in the game, opting instead for a Clock Tower-style mechanic where players can run and hide, and possibly temporarily stun their jumpsuited pursuer, but can do nothing to kill him.  After all, he's Michael Myers…he doesn't die!

With episodic gaming starting to establish a solid foothold in the industry under the watchful eyes of developers like Telltale Games, the sorely underused Grindhouse brand could be used for TWC Games' own attempt at bite-sized titles.  The Grindhouse experience could be taken one step further with post-game trailers offering up sneak peeks at upcoming episodes in the series.  Best of all, the format allows for the episodes to change art and gameplay styles without outright alienating the fanbase.

Children of the Corn
Heaven help me for suggesting this, even in jest, but Children of the Corn could spawn a horrific 'Farmville' clone.  However, instead of raising crops for money, you would instead use them to capture and sacrifice adults to He Who Walks Behind the Rows.  The more plentiful the sacrifices, the greater the favor from your pagan god, and the larger your farm can become…at least until your "eighteenth harvest," at which case it's game over, no matter what.

Are there any of the Weinstein licenses you would like to see get the video game treatment?  A shooter based off of Mimic?  A strategy game centered on Feast?  Sound off in the comments below.