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'Human Centipede' DIY


The Human Centipede has gone from one of the most vile, offensive, and disturbing films ever, to one of the most notorious, iconic, and - dare I say it - celebrated cult films of all time. A sequel is in production and a third soon after. Someone made an 8-bit video game. South Park spoofed them. A theatre group turned the flick into a musical. What other oddities are out there? We've rounded up some of our favorites from around the interwebz.

The Original

This cat toy was the first bit of Centipede merch to pop up, and thus began a tidal wave of wonderful crap. The cat toy was featured on and head of the centipede, Akihiro Kitamura, is a proud owner of the cat toy. I'm not sure how someone linked Human Centipede with "cat toy," but there it is.


Imagine liking The Human Centipede so much, you want to permanently emblazon it in your flesh. Dakota Milam did. So much so that he went to Jimmie Knuckles at Shaman Modifications and got the Human Centipede diagram tattooed on the tops of his feet. Fittingly enough, Dakota is a projectionist at the Alamo Drafthouse.

Weird goes to the next level with this Centipede-inspired bunny tattoo.

Baked Goods

I'm not exactly sure what it is about ass-to-mouth that makes people hungry, but Human Centipede-themed cookies and cakes seem to be a popular dinner party treat. Ryan Cox of the OC Weekly made the above holiday cookies, and was kind enough to share with his co-workers.

Looks like James will have a very happy birthday indeed.

Source: Isaac Hsieh's Flickr stream

Source: Mark Mallman

These cupcake centipedes are handy because you can make the sequence as long as you want.

Source: Cut Out and Keep

Happy Holidays!

Nothing says "Merry Christmas" quite like a festive, Centipede-themed card. My favorite is the Human Santapede, but artist Weird Bean also offers Elfine Centipede and Reindeer Centipede designs.

My Favorite

I think this Centipede nail art is my favorite DIY Centipede project ever. First, it just seems difficult. Second, it will freak people out to new levels.