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Infographic: Quick Guide to Choosing a Vampire Hunter


You’re in a pinch. There’s a vampire in your town who is trying to date your daughter and you need to get rid of him stat. Who will you call to terminate the pesky blood sucker? Buffy? She’s perfect for undercover work, but there’s so much drama with her. Selene? She’s already immortal so that’s points in her favor, and she looks good in vinyl, but she is also, and will forever be, a vampire at heart. Gabriel Van Helsing? Sure he has the experience, and knows how to kill a number of creatures, but maybe he’s just a little bit over-the-hill?

It’s really a guessing game. Thankfully, there’s a cheat sheet comparing vampire hunters to guide you through this decision with all the pertinent gun-for-hire information you may need: weapon, strengths, weaknesses and blood lust level. It even calculates how long it will take each slayer to kill Edward Cullen. Because, let's be honest, he's overstayed his welcome.