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News Article

Japanese Collectibles Company Kotobukiya Exposes Sexy Ms. Krueger Statue


Ms. Krueger

Back in February we showed you a concept image of two upcoming statues from Japanese toy company Kotobukiya, which depicted both Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger as sexy females. They're set to be the first two in a full line of overly-sexualized horror icons, and now the company has unveiled the first images of the actual Ms. Krueger statue, as well as put it up for pre-order.

Standing just over 7 inches tall, the lovely female version of the burnt up Hell demon looks ready to invade dreams rather than nightmares, decked out in Daisy Dukes and a much more revealing Christmas sweater than the one Freddy ever wore. Krueger's trademark fedora and razor glove complete the look, with mismatched stockings and exposed lingerie reminding us that this is a version of a horror icon that we've never quite seen before.

Miss Krueger Statue

Kotobukiya's Ms. Krueger statue stands atop a pool of blood and is selling for $69.99, set to begin shipping this October. You can pre-order yours over on Big Bad Toy Store.

Look for the reveal of Ms. Voorhees very soon... and no, we're not talking about Pamela!