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News Article

Jessica Alba's ‘Awake’ Hits DVD this March!


After a quick stint on the big screen, that Anesthetic Awareness thriller with the sexy Jessica Alba will be available on your little screen very soon! On March 4th, you can own the unrated Alba for $19.95. Just when you thought you had enough of that gorgeous starlet (yeah, okay), this DVD packs a ton of special features including a feature commentary with writer/director Steven C Miller and the producers, Trials and Tribulations: The Making of Automation Transfusion, Deleted Scenes (with optional directors commentary), Suffer or Sacrifice: A Short Film (by director Steven C. Miller) and two music videos by Blinded Black and Dancefloor Tragedy.

Check out our exclusive video interview with Alba and our video coverage of the red carpet of Awake. And for even more Alba, watch our video coverage of her on the red carpet of her latest film, The Eye.