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News Article

John 5's Totally Naked Remix Album


John 5, former guitarist for Marilyn Manson and current axe-man for Rob Zombie, is about to roll out the diabolically naughty CD Remixploitation, a collection of remixed tracks from his hit solo albums – including 2007's The Devil Knows My Name and last year's Requiem. The mad shredder will release the album on Valentine's Day, which is fitting as I've fallen deeply in love with the album art.

The drool-worthy cover (replacing an earlier concept by Rob Zombie bassist Piggy D) is allegedly styled after the classic art for Jimi Hendrix's Electric Ladyland, but then again it may be just an excuse to show lots of boob. Of course I totally advocate this artistic decision. (For any uptight prudes out there, there's also a PG version with all the best bits covered up below.)

Preorders for Remixploitation are now underway, and be sure to check out preview track “Dorsia” up at John's MySpace.