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Journey Deeper Into 'Bates Motel' With the 'Jiao' Ebook


If you've been watching Bates Motel, you know that one of the darkest secrets on the show is what happened in cabin #4. Norman found a hand-drawn manga-style journal in cabin #4, one which we have only gotten glimpses of on the show. A&E is giving you a chance to dig deeper into the secrets of the motel with "Jiao," an ebook that is an exact replica of the journal that Norman found. It tells the story of Jiao, one of the women smuggled into the US, and the abuses she and her fellow slaves had to endure - including being forced to bury one of the girls who dies.

The ebook appears to be an exact duplicate of the journal - except, of course, it is only available for iPad and iPhone. One of the best features is the translation. Everything is preserved, including the original Chinese text, but if you tap on the writing, an English translation pops up. It is an elegant way to keep the book as close to the original as possible, but still making it accessible.

"Jiao" is 71 pages long, and while it shows women is suggestive and disturbing situations, there is no nudity. It is available as a free download from iTunes.