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News Article

'Justice is Coming' to the iPhone and iPod Touch


Right now, Warner Bros. Interactive is thanking whatever deity they can that Alan Moore left the Seventies so vague in his classic graphic novel Watchmen, as it gives them carte blanche to milk the ever-loving crap out of the franchise without the hardcore fan base getting too ruffled. 

In addition to the upcoming Watchmen: The End is Nigh, WBIE and developer Last Legion have dropped the curtain on the iPhone/iPod Touch MMO Watchmen: Justice is Coming, an online role playing game set in a pre-Keene Act 1975, where you play a fully customizable crime fighter that takes the law into their own hands.  Of course, the inherent problem with “fully customizable” characters is that 99.9% of them look like the Superhero Salvation Army threw up on them.

Watchmen: Justice is Coming will be available in the iTunes App Store this month.  You can get more details and screenshots at the game’s official site.