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News Article

Kidnapping for 'Fun' and Profit


This is how so many horror movies start: thugs pull up to you in a beat-up van, grab you off the street, blindfold you handcuff you, and throw you into the back of the van. But this is not a horror movie; nor is it the scene from an impoverished country. Nope, this is the new extreme "sport" that is sweeping... Detroit. (Don't they have enough problems?)

This is Extreme Kidnapping, a Detroit-based service created by convicted counterfeiter Adam Thick. He and his goons (many with criminal histories) will stage a customized kidnapping to put a thrill into even the most jaded adventurists. Generally, you will be kidnapped off the street, bound and blindfolded, then taken to a basement room where you may be verbally abused, slapped, waterboarded, stun gunned, or put into stress positions. Like any responsible sado-masochistic relationship, you can choose a safe word in case things get out of control.

Personally, I have no idea who would want to be pretend-kidnapped, but if you are so inclined, prices start at $500 for a four hour "experience." Visit to set up your experience.

Via Oddity Central