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News Article

King Diamond & Mercyful Fate DVDs Coming Soon!

King Diamond, falsetto-voiced frontman for influential occult-metal group Mercyful Fate, just announced the forthcoming release of two double-DVD releases covering live performances from the original band, as well as those of King's own solo project. We rounded up some of the choice bits below the jump... read on!

According to the latest news at Diamond's website, the Mercyful Fate DVDs will cover concerts from the band's early-'80s heyday (from Copenhagen & Amsterdam) as well as their mid-'90s reunion (including the 1994 Roskilde Festival). The King Diamond set will include his band's 1987 concert (in which they opened for Motörhead), the entire 1990 “Euro Conspiracy” set from Spain, and massive coverage of their Copenhagen open-air concert.

No official word when the discs will hit the market, and King says the tracks may be subject to change. But “it will be worth the wait,” he assures. “It has some very exclusive content which surely no one outside the band has ever seen.”

In related news, Diamond recently reunited with original Mercyful Fate members Hank Shermann, Michael Denner and Timi Hansen to re-cut two of the band's most notorious songs – “Evil” and “Curse of the Pharaohs” – for the new Guitar Hero: Metallica game, and will also be releasing the songs independently on iTunes in the coming weeks.