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News Article

KISS Goes Vegas?

Anyone who's seen a KISS show knows it's as much about the presentation as it is the songs – so it's not much of surprise to discover that the supreme rock gods are allegedly in talks to create a megabudget Las Vegas Cirque du Soleil-style show based on their classic songs and larger-than-life image. The project is still shrouded in mystery and rumor at this stage, but a recent article in the Las Vegas Review-Journal reveals some interesting details... read on and decide for yourself!

According to the article, the epic live show – with the working title of KISS: Carnival of Souls – may launch within the next two years, with an estimated budget of $40-50 million. Core members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley are currently working out the show's basic concept and design, along with LA comic publisher Radical Publishing and its Singapore counterpart Storm Lion.

The article quotes an email from Radical co-founder Barry Levine, who has worked with the band for over 30 years and had something like this in mind for decades now. Levine says the production “involves every aspect of music, movement, lighting, stage design and special effects.” He explained that the KISS brand calls to mind the ultimate in theatrical rock, and it's important to keep this in mind in the show's design: “The KISS brand has endured and sustained itself like no other group for the past 35 years,” he explained.

He also suggested that the show's concept would draw on the all-ages appeal of the band's music. "I feel that KISS will be reaching its current demographic from 10- to 60-year-olds," he continued. "Will it be tailored to a specific hard-rock audience? No, it will be tailored to a Kiss audience with new music along with classics that we all love."

Levine declined to add further details until “certain requirements have been met.”