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Kit Harington on Filming Visceral 'Silent Hill: Revelation 3D' & Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes


It’s been six years since we’ve heard anything from the horrors in Silent Hill, but this weekend Silent Hill: Revelation 3D hits theaters. Written and directed by Michael J. Bassett, it tells the continuing story of Sharon (who goes by the fake name Heather in this installment) and her father who are on the run from the residents of Silent Hill that have haunted them since Sharon disappeared in the first film. Sean Bean returns as dad Harry Mason while the now eighteen-year-old Heather is played by Adelaide Clemens.

Kit Harington, known to many as the bastard Jon Snow from Game of Thrones, also joins the cast as Vincent, who you may have seen in the international poster we put up a few weeks back. FEARnet had a chance to speak with Harington about the new installment of Silent Hill and his character. Concerned with spoiler’s, he wasn’t able to say much about young Vincent.

“He’s a good person trying to do hard things in hard circumstances. That’s all I can say,” he said.

Harington is no stranger to playing horror, in Game of Thrones his character has to battle the Others, or White Walkers, and the actor said he generally approaches fantasy like any other part.

“You just treat it like a person doing what they’re doing under any normal circumstances and there just happens to be monsters trying to get you. It’ a strange one to deal with - this film - because it plays with reality and what is reality and it’s kind of like a trip-fest. It was an interesting one to tackle. It can tough at times because it’s very high stakes in horror but you try not to stay up there in tension all the time.”

You will recognize monsters in the movie from the video game, including Red Pyramid and the Mannequin, but there’s also an entirely new monster known as The Missionary.  Bassett was set on using practical effects in the film, and Harington got to experience that hands-on while filming.

“I expected it to be CGI but it wasn’t, it was very visceral, very real. You could touch things. The monsters were actually monsters chasing you. It was like doing those crazy haunted house things. It was like being in one long one of those, it was quite fun,” he said.

Harington, a self-described fan of horror, said he likes to pop in a creepy movie when he’s relaxing at home. He compares Silent Hill to an early '70s Christopher Lee classic. “I grew up loving The Shining for example, or um, Wicker Man, which is quite similar to this movie in a strange sort of way because they’re both about towns full of odd people who have been shut off from the world and they’ve got quite obsessive and strange.”

Without giving away too many surprises, one of the best moments to watch in the film in when Vincent is taken to the “nurses” in Cedar Grove Sanitarium to have his mind healed.

“They were all very expertly trained movement people with dances and they were fantastic.They could contort their body in such a way and stay like that in these horribly claustrophobic masks on all day. But, what was weird was that you got to know all the girls when they didn’t have their masks on and you didn’t know which one was which. That was very strange,” he said.

Another surprise for fans and for Harington, who told FEARnet two of his all-time favorite films  are Clockwork Orange and If, was meeting Malcolm McDowell, who plays Vincent’s grandfather Leonard Wolf.

“Crazy eyes, fantastic man. Really, really lovely man. He looks at you and you just suddenly see that kid in Clockwork Orange,” he said.

No word on whether we will be getting a Silent Hill 3, but Harington said he might be interested in making another if the script is right. Watch him take on the chop-happy nurses in the clip below.

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