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Learn the Alphabet with 'ABC Monsters'


If you're a parent looking to teach your kids their ABC's (or just looking to brush up on your own skills), the perfect tool has arrived. In ABC Monsters, French animator La Pompadour has crafted a short film illustrating each letter of the alphabet with a classic movie monster. La Pompadour's definition of a monster is admittedly somewhat loose; a few of his characters, like Dexter Morgan, are really just antiheroes; and the inclusion of E.T. appears to be something of a joke. But the short also includes some cool esoteric choices that are sure to keep fright film lovers guessing. Check it out after the break. 

I love the opening of ABC Monsters -- "This video is dedicated to all the monsters who screwed our nights. I love you so much, you bastards" -- and how out-of-left-field some of La Pompadour's picks are. (Orca? Seriously?) But how about you? Are there any major omissions that you think are inexcusable, or does this short film include most of the screen's iconic monsters? If you couldn't identify all of them, be sure to look carefully at the closing credits for a list.