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News Article

Legendary Comics Announces 'The Tower Chronicles: Dreadstalker'


Legendary Comics has announced that they will be continuing the monster-mashing adventures of John Tower in 2014 as a monthly series under the masterful pens of writer Matt Wagner (Grendel, Sandman Mystery Theatre) and artist Simon Bisley (Lobo, Melting Pot).

The series will continue the spook-slaying shenanigans of John Tower, a centuries-old supernatural bounty hunter who is on the hunt for a collection of mysterious artifacts.  Attempting to stop him from achieving his goals are the Chateau Group, a corporation that holds a diabolical influence that extends to the world's leaders that seeks the same artifacts. 

The one-two punch of Wagner and Bisley is especially exciting.  Grendel is one of the greatest comic series of all time, and Bisley's art has graced everything from comics to Danzig album covers, so this is the sort of pairing that makes my nerd heart sing.