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News Article

This Lethal Lake Actually Turns Its Victims Into Stone

Tanzania's Lake Natron may be the scariest – and deadliest – body of water on Earth. Its combination of chemicals can kill almost any living thing that comes into contact with it... and that's just the beginning of the horror that lies within: this toxic soup actually turns its victims to stone.

Artist and photographer Nick Brandt came across a huge number of these petrified animal corpses, which he transformed into a macabre art series collected in his new book, Across the Ravaged Land.

Stranger still, Brandt theorizes that these animals were actually lured to their deaths by the lethal lake: the still waters are highly reflective, and may confuse birds, bats and other flying creatures, which then fly straight into them.

The lake's extremely high salt content causes the animal corpses to calcify, transforming them into eerie stone statues.

Check out the chilling pics at Brandt's official site (where you can also purchase the book). 

Thanks to Gizmodo for bringing this to our attention.