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News Article

Long-Lost Broadcast 'WNUF Halloween Special' Finally Available to the Public!


WNUF Halloween Special

If you're not familiar with the infamous WNUF Halloween Special, allow me to summarize.  On Halloween night, in 1987, public-access television network WNUF ran a live Halloween special, where they sent one of their reporters and a team of paranormal investigators into the allegedly haunted Webber House - the sight of several grisly murders.  The goal was to find out if the house was actually haunted, and the sights and sounds caught on film ended up being so frightening and horrifying that the broadcast was never aired again - all footage thought to be destroyed, immediately thereafter.

Over 25 years later, the footage has been found, and has just been released onto both DVD and VHS - the first time the terrifying special has ever been released, since its original broadcast in 1987.  Dare you watch it?



If this sounds and looks like the set-up for a found-footage hoax, well, then you're smarter than I am.  Because I totally fell for it when I first heard about the WNUF Halloween Special.  Truth is, it is indeed a brand new found-footage flick from director Chris Lamartina, brilliantly made so that it feels like it was a real TV broadcast from the 80s - faux vintage commercials included.  You may know the truth, but that doesn't mean you can't suspend disbelief and pretend it's real - and Lamartina makes it very easy to do just that!

Just in time for Halloween, the WNUF Halloween Special is now available on both DVD and limited edition VHS, both available for purchase through Alternative Cinema.