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LORDI Reveal New Look for Next Album


Finnish monster-rockers Lordi have finally unveiled their latest ghoulish incarnation in advance of their upcoming fifth album Babez for Breakfast, and have just posted pics with new detailed descriptions of the band's larger-than-life characters. We've got even more images of each monster's new look, as well as more details about the album, so jump in and check 'em out!

Band founder & frontman Mr. Lordi, who plays a major role in designing all of the band's masks and costumes and modifies their style for each album release, explained that their latest image basically falls in line with the album's retro '80s metal sound. “The new masks are meaner than the earlier ones,” he added. “They are also more colorful than before. They have something old, a lot of new, borrowed stuff and even blue!”

Lordi went on to describe the changes for each band member/character: “[Guitarist] Amen has returned from the [previous album] Deadache look back to our first album Get Heavy. [Keyboardist] Lady Awa has undergone such a fashionable cosmetic surgery, which has made her look younger. [Drummer] Kita is a retrospective of himself and [bassist] Ox has animalized even more.” As for the singer's new accessories? “I have brought snakes with me,” he declared.

Babez for Breakfast is slated for US release on September 14th, and the first single This is Heavy Metal will be available for download next Tuesday. More details are coming soon, but in the meantime be sure to visit their Facebook for individual descriptions of each band member... and it looks like they'll be posting the new album art any day now.