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M. Night Shyamalan Has Series in Development at Fox


M. Night ShyamalanFox is working on a longform event series from M. Night Shyamalan. The director, best known for theatrical thrillers like The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable, is producing a project called Wayward Pines. Described as being similar in tone and subject matter to Twin Peaks, Wayward Pines follows Secret Service agent Ethan Burke as he investigates the disappearance of two agents in quiet, small-town Idaho. A violent accident upon arriving sends him to the hospital, where he wakes to discover his ID, briefcase and cell phone are all missing. As the days pass and he resumes his investigation, it becomes clear that things are not what they seem in Wayward Pines. He can't place phone calls outside Wayward Pines. The town is surrounded by an electrified fence. And no one seems to believe he is who he says he is. Wayward Pines is based on the book Pines by Blake Crouch, and a spec script written by Chad Hodge (The Playboy Club, Tru Calling.) Shyamalan is just producing.

Fox and FX Networks are working on making the longform series event a regular occurrence for the networks. With a focus on "feature-quality productions" Fox hopes to order at least one spec to series, with an eye on a 2014 premiere.  The series events will be a hybrid of the traditional TV series and TV mini-series formats, with each series only running for 10 to 12 episodes.

Source: Deadline