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News Article

Makeup Maestro Dick Smith Takes Home an Honorary Oscar


This year's Academy Awards was noticeably devoid of horror nominees, even in the technical catagories the genre normally excels in. But one name stuck out: Dick Smith. The Godfather of Makeup was awarded with an Honorary Oscar this year for his revolutionary techniques that influenced virtually everyone in special-effects makeup today. I myself dabbled in monster makeup for a number of years after coming across Smith's groundbreaking Do It Yourself Monster Make-Up book in the library. More after the jump.

Smith won an Oscar in 1984 for Amadeus, but will be better known to FEARnet readers for creating Regan's demonic look in The Exorcist. Other projects out of his nearly 100 titles include The Godfather, Dark Shadows, Altered States, Scanners, Taxi Driver, Midnight Cowboy, and The Hunger.  You can check out the video of Smith being presented his Oscar by another makeup legend, Rick Baker, on YouTube.