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Marilyn Manson Freaks Us Out at the Scream Awards!


Marilyn Manson used to be just the horror confined to your CD player.  But not anymore.  Every mother’s nightmare is still pumping out the music, but he’s also turned his attention towards films.  We spoke with Manson at this weekend’s Spike TV Scream Awards, where he told us about his new album (it’s almost done), his pet project Phantasmagoria (the Lewis Carroll project that feels like it's been in development for decades), and a collaboration with underground film master Alejandro Jodorowsky.  On occasion, said Manson, he also still has time for a horror movie or two…

Tell me about Phantasmagoria.  What’s the status?

I just got an updated script today.  I don’t know what the status is…. I think that timing has always been a problem with it, because I wanted to do a record when it was time [to do the film].  For us, we’re real focused on making our new record, because we’re almost done.

Is the record horror-themed this time around?

Our lives are horror-themed.  Um, not in the sense of we’re trying to… essentially, that is what we watch, but we live a greater horror.  The new record is very much where we left off without repeating something we’ve done.  It sounds like someone ripping your ribcage open and taking a shit in your chest.  It’s not meant to be scary – it’s meant to be romantic.  But that’s the way we romance women, unfortunately.  We think that anal sex is foreplay – it’s not our fault.  It’s the way we were raised.

What about the film you are doing with Alejandro Jodorowsky?

I’m waiting to find out what happens with that.  He’s a great friend of mine, [so working with him on a film] would be a dream come true.  There are a lot of people who are afraid to give him money because he’s in his seventies.  But so is John McCain.  Jodorowsky fornicates with someone in their thirties.  If you can deliver the semen [at that age], then you don’t have to get the green-light from Ben Affleck.

Have you seen the script for it?

I’ve had the script for quite some time.  It’s fantastic.

What are some of your favorite horror films?

My favorite of the year would be Inside.  It’s French.  My second [favorite] would be [rec], which they bastardized into an American film.

I heard that you are collaborating with different artists, like Neo.

Well, I’ve heard that Neo wants to collaborate with me.  I’ve never met him or talked to him.  It’s a little bit of a tired genre, collaborating rock and rap.  I like him because he likes me.

Any music videos in the works?

We refuse to patronize MTV anymore and make videos that they will allow us [to air].  They will beep out words like “dead.”  It’s really absurd.  I’ll see commercials about playing [violent] video games.  I think that if anything, things have gotten more violent, but it just proves that people are more intelligent.  I think if you want to kill someone, you can join the Army.