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News Article

The 'Martyrs' Remake Gets a Director

The newest genre film on the Hollywood remake train is Martyrs, a remake of the 2008 French film directed by Pascal Laguier.  Hit the jump to find out who will helm the project.

Directing reins have been handed over to Daniel Stamm, whose last project was The Last Exorcism.  "Martyrs is very nihilistic," Stamm said in an interview with the LA Times. "The American approach [that I'm looking at] would go through all that darkness but then give a glimmer of hope. You don't have to shoot yourself when it's over." The film is being produced by the same team behind Twilight, so naturally, the rumors about Kristen Stewart being cast as one of the leads is floating around Hollywood.  "It's the first time I've heard that," Stamm said.

Martyrs follows a pair of orphans who bond over abandonment and childhood abuse, but their revenge opens up a fresh hell.

Source: LA Times