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News Article

Mastodon Get Their Yeti On for "Divinations" Trailer!


In the run-up to their highly anticipated new album Crack the Skye (set to street on March 24th), mystic metal gods Mastodon have given fantasy-minded fans a little peek at the good stuff with an awesome movie-style teaser trailer (complete with “R” rating!) for “Divinations” – the album's first single and video. Get a glimpse of abominable awesomeness below the jump!

From the looks of the trailer, the video has a distinctly Lovecraftian touch (as in “At the Mountains of Madness”) and features band members portraying parka-clad explorers coming face-to-face with a hairy, axe-wielding, glowing-eyed cave creature in the heart of an arctic mountain. Brutal!

Check it out below...