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News Article

This May Be the Strangest Project Neil Gaiman Has Ever Embarked Upon


Help Neil Gaiman write a book. Sort of.

In an interesting turn of events, Neil Gaiman has teemed up with Blackberry in support of the Keep Moving Projects. The project brings readers and Gaiman together in the spirit of collaboration.

Basically, Gaiman is asking readers to use the Blackberry Keep Moving Hub and Twitter for inspiration for the upcoming A Calendar Of Tales. He’ll write one reader-inspired tale a month for a year – hence the calendar part – which will then be collected into one book and sold for charity.

Watch the video below for more info on the project. If the fans in the video are anything like the readers who will be involved with this project, we can expect a lot of stories about zeppelins and the Hellfire Club. I love this video because if you look at it quickly, it looks like Gaiman is walking with a direwolf.  Look very quickly.