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News Article

Metal's 'Scream Queen' Turns Up in PLAYBOY!


Last Halloween you might have caught a glimpse of 'In This Moment' singer Maria Brink posing on the cover of Revolver’s “Heavy Metal Horror” issue, portraying Stephen King’s telekinetic anti-heroine Carrie White. Now the voluptuous vocalist has wiped off the pig’s blood to give heavy metal horn-dogs another thrill with her recent appearance in the March issue of Playboy, which just hit newsstands Friday. But before you get too worked up, bear in mind Brink’s first visit to Hef's airbrush palace is actually fairly tame (even her well-known tattoos are covered with a soft, fuzzy sweater), although she does almost offer a peek at her goodies...

The photo shoot accompanies a brief interview – as part of the magazine's “Sex & Music” feature – which sounds a lot like your basic centerfold bio: “I love long baths,” she explains. “I light candles and sing Sarah McLachlan.” She points out that her male bandmates are happy to accommodate her needs... in a most chivalrous fashion, that is. “They give me the back of the bus,” she explains. “I hang curtains and have candles and flowers and all my dresses. It's my little secret girlie place."

You can find out more about Maria's secret girlie place – if you're old enough, that is – over at, where they have a preview of the new issue available for viewing... or so I've heard. As if I needed to tell you, that link is probably NSFW.