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News Article

Michael Biehn to be 'Hidden in the Woods'


Ahead of the film's premiere, Michael Biehn announced that his Blanc Biehn Productions is planning a remake of En Las Afueras de la Ciudad - aka Hidden in the Woods.

The Chilean horror film - which premieres at Fantasia Fest on August 6th - tells the tale of two isolated, abused girls who finally find the courage to turn their father in to the police. When he is arrested, the girls are left to a far worse fate when their kingpin uncle comes looking for his drug stash. Biehn will star and produce with Jennifer Blanc Biehn, and the original writer/director team of Patricio Valladares and Andrea Cavaletto return to helm the English-language version. Production is scheduled to begin at the end of the year on location in Chile, where the original was shot.