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Mick Garris Goes Back in Time for an 'Invasion'

Genre filmmaker and TV producer Mick Garris is in Cannes this week, promoting a new period sci-fi thriller he describes as "The Outer Limits meets Mad Men." More after the jump.

The Hollywood Reporter has the scoop on Mick Garris' Invasion. The trade publication makes much of the fact that it's a sci-fi thriller and not a straight horror film; but it's not like Garris is suddenly directing a romantic comedy... "Invasion, a title selling in Cannes by Little Studio Films, represents a change of pace of director Mick Garris, who made his name in the horror field and helming Stephen King adaptations."

"In the 1990s, Garris directed the King-written Sleepwalkers and the high-profile TV mini-series translations of King works The Stand and The Shining. And in recent years he created the horror anthology series Masters of Horror and Fear Itself.

"But the writer-director is now making his first foray into science fiction. Even more interestingly, period science fiction.

"'It's a bit of different direction for me,' he admits to Heat Vision, 'but it's great because I get to make a period movie but with a modern sensibility.'

"Garris described Invasion as The Outer Limits meets Mad Men, a time of "men in ties and hats and when you thought you could trust the government."

The script, by A.J. Ferrara, centers on a woman reporter trying to show a male-centric newsroom that she is more than just 'boobs and a skirt,' in Garris' words. In trying to step out of the style pages she's been relegated to she uncover the truth behind an alien invasion.

"Priority No. 1 is Garris snagging a female lead, with production hiring Ferne Casell (Taken, Monster) as its casting director.

"Garris is looking forward to injecting a cynical feeling into that more innocent time and says that despite the dose of fantasy and imagination, the script is well-researched and filled with events that were well-documented.

"Garris hasn't abandoned his horror roots. As he raises financing for Invasion, he is working on creating another anthology series, this time with an international flavor."