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News Article

'Midnight Son' vs. Pirates


We all know that pirating is bad. It's illegal, and it's just not nice - especially when it is an indie film, made for love, not profit. But what happens when a director confronts his pirates?

Matt Compton knows. The producer of Midnight Son discovered that his labor-of-love film had hit torrent sites nearly a month before its release date. He estimates that since its appearance on the torrent circuit, it has been illegally downloaded 20,000 times. But Compton didn't file lawsuits. He didn't even throw a fit. He confronted his "attackers," by posting a personal note to the torrent sites, explaining how this hurt him and his crew. Naturally there was some backlash (after all, if you are stealing movies, you have to be at least a little douchey). But he also got a surprising amount of support. Some people made donations to the production. One guy even emailed Matt his receipt after he purchased a legal copy of Midnight Son. Did it make up for the money lost to illegal downloads? Probably not. But it does show there is some hope for the human race. 

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